The firm’s substantial criminal defense practice focuses on white collar and environmental criminal defense. The firm guides and counsels individuals and corporate clients undergoing investigation by the FBI, EPA, Coast Guard, SEC, FINRA and other federal, state, and local agencies, and represents them in any ensuing criminal prosecution and administrative proceedings. The firm has assisted clients in criminal matters across the country and the globe from California to Washington, D.C., Alaska, Hawaii, and across the Pacific Islands. 


The firm's maritime practice includes significant experience representing clients in all aspects of the maritime industry including Marine/Offshore casualties, Oil pollution/environmental criminal matters, Personal injury, Marine insurance, Carriage of goods and Maritime liens.

The firm has significant expertise in environmental criminal defense matters, which often involve foreign and international clients. The firm has successfully represented both corporate and individual defendants against criminal charges involving both land and sea-based environmental pollution, and has extensive experience representing shipping companies and their crews in federal criminal investigations involving alleged MARPOL and Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships (“APPS”) related conduct. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Cox has invaluable understanding and insight into the government’s prosecution tactics and goals, and his experience lends significant credibility in dealing with government prosecutors in cases he defends, which leads to better results on behalf of his clients. 

The firm represents individual and corporate clients as both plaintiffs and defendants in all types of complex litigation, including breach of contract cases, torts, mass torts, toxic torts, business disputes, and securities litigation. The firm regularly represents both individuals and corporate clients, including ship owners, marine terminal operators, oil refineries, and financial services firms. The firm’s attorneys pride themselves on their client-centered, cost effective and creative approach to obtaining the best possible result in each dispute, whether through settlement, mediation, arbitration or trial.   

The firm has experience prosecuting and defending a broad range of personal injury matters, including automobile and motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, and sexual assaults.

A mass tort occurs when a number of cases are consolidated with a single court and evidence is shared between the cases. The firm has developed a significant mass tort practice to assist plaintiffs achieve an expeditious and just result. The firm is currently involved in litigation to assist victims of the devastating wildfires in Northern California. For more information, please visit